Many of the teachers who work in Spanish government overseas programs maintain their status as civil servants.  The Spanish unions continue to represent teachers while they are overseas, and though they do not negotiate wages, the unions engage with the Ministry on other terms and conditions of employment. 

FECCOO, one of the unions representing Spanish workers in the educational sector, has formed a division devoted to representing overseas teachers.  In collaboration with the Ministry, the union offers professional development courses specifically designed for teachers who have been accepted to international postings.  The union also produces a monthly newsletter to keep members informed of issues related to international programs and union activities.  In order to be eligible for a post abroad, teachers must have at least three years of experience and complete a rigorous application that includes language test, written exam and a practical planning and assessment exercise.  Typically teachers are posted for five to six years and can reapply or return to their position in Spain.  While abroad, teachers are subject to the civil servant pay scale and may receive additional compensation according to location.