The Jules Verne program is a teacher exchange program sponsored by the French Ministry of Education.  It is open to fully trained and certified primary and secondary school teachers from France to live and teach abroad for one to two years, allowing them to immerse themselves in the culture, language and civilization of the host country. The goal of the program is to develop reciprocal educational exchanges between school districts in France and other countries in order to strengthen international and cultural relations.  

The French Minister of Education and the partner state sign a temporary posting agreement in which the host country identifies the educational institution to which the teacher will be assigned, in agreement with the French local education authority and the teacher in question. The teacher’s work obligations and holiday entitlement are defined by the host country. Elementary teachers are certified to teach general elementary school classes. Secondary teachers are certified to teach one of a variety of subjects, including (but not limited to) French language and literature, history, geography, mathematics, and science. All participants must be highly proficient in both spoken and written English. Travel expenses, including one return trip during the holidays, are paid either by the French district education authority or the host country. Teachers continue to receive their usual salary plus any allowances related to their profession and grade and they retain their position at their school of origin in France.

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