Settling in a new country? Find out about your rights

Teachers tell their story

"You learn and acquire a more ample vision of distinct educational models"

Angeles Manzanaque

From: Spain

Teaching in: Canada

"One of the major advantages of a teacher swap is the opportunity to get to know a school very different from your own and to experience it thoroughly, so much so that you are part of it. It is not the same to read a book about the educational system of the country; you have to live it fully. Also, it permits you to know a different teaching methodology. You observe and you learn to plan according to the guidelines that they use there and that in many aspects are different from ours...

"They do not recognize our degrees here"

Alfredo Ramirez

From: Ecuador

Teaching in: Spain

“The devaluation of the Ecuadorian currency affected me personally, and the buying power of my monthly salary deteriorated terribly. All of the products and essential needs, the price of clothing, and of transportation, were quoted in dollars at prices imposed by globalization and changed by the international standard currency. Facing the economic chaos of the moment, the only option that remained for us was to migrate to countries that could give us better...

"We help to develop the cultural literacy of the students and other colleagues"

Nicole Thompson

From: Trinidad and Tobago

Teaching in: Cayman Islands

"Why have Caribbean teachers left? We left for better salaries, for better working conditions, for smaller student-teacher ratios, for more flexible opportunities, for advanced qualifications, for better behaved students, for better student attitude to learning, for intrinsically motivated students, for an opportunity to see more of the world, for personal change …

"Teaching in The Gambia goes along with a lot of challenges"

Abdul Conteh

From: Sierra Leone

Teaching in: The Gambia

“As a non-Gambian, teaching in The Gambia goes along with a lot of challenges. I have been teaching in Senior Secondary Schools in The Gambia for the past six years. My primary purpose of travelling to The Gambia was to visit friends. I later came to realize that The Gambia was paying teachers better than my country, Sierra Leone. This motivated me to stay and take up a teaching job in the country...