The UN Special Rapporteur on the Human Rights of Migrants will dedicate one of his 2016 reports to the Human Rights Council on international labour recruitment. For that purpose, the Open Working Group on Labour Migration & Recruitment, composed of many civil society organisations committed to knowledge sharing on recruitment trends and to collective advocacy aimed at reforming migrant labour recruitment systems, globally collected inputs to contribute to the report.

The inputs collected from this online membership consultation have been aggregated into a report to the Special rapporteur, outlining emerging analysis from civil society and migrant community perspectives. The report describes current recruitment practices and their impact on the human rights of migrants, in particular the extensive role of private recruiters and subagents charging recruitment fees and the challenge for migrants to access rights-based information.

It also identifies a series of initiatives aiming to improve recruitment practices (e.g. national frameworks, bilateral agreements, self-regulating initiatives, grassroots initiatives) and analyses their implications for the human rights of migrants.

The report concludes with a list of concrete recommendations related to :

  • Ratifying key international instruments protecting migrants’ rights
  • Right-based recruitment reform
  • Eliminating recruitment fees
  • Government-to-government recruitment and bilateral agreements
  • Age restrictions and bans
  • Registration and monitoring of recruitment agencies and their subagents
  • Access to information
  • Labour laws and labour rights
  • Access to assistance

The full report is accessible here (in english).

The violation of the rights of migrant teachers and other education professionals working across national borders has been a serious concern for Education International and education unions. If your rights have been violated or undermined by recruitment agencies or other bodies, please share your experience on our forum. You can also talk to an education union representative in your country. A list of EI affiliates is available on this portal.