On 12 December 2013, the European Trade Union Conference (ETUC) organised the first European Conference of Trade Union services for migrants. The conference was organised following the adoption of the ETUC Action Plan on Migration in March 2013, setting a common playing field for trade unions in Europe on migration issues. 

It brought together trade union and other civil society representatives from all over Europe to share good practice in terms of improving living and working conditions for migrants and involving migrants in the trade union movement as actors of change and a powerful means of integration through active participation and solidarity.

It set the stage for the development of a European Network of Assistance for Integration of Migrant Workers and their Families, based on transnational partnerships between trade unions. These activities are part of the ETUC-A4I ('Assistance For Integration') initiative funded by the European Integration Fund. It will consist of implementing in the coming years, innovative services and integration facilities for third-country nationals in a transnational environment through 20 front-desk offices in 6 European countries (Spain, Italy, Ireland, Germany, Romania and Slovenia).

Throughout the conference, three parallel workshops looked at collective bargaining for protection of migrants' rights ; trade union services for migrants and their families; trade union membership and organisation of migrants. Participants shared their national and local experiences in these domains and discussed possible ways of engaging in EU-level advocacy on migration policies. 

The information collected through the workshops and plenary sessions will form the basis for starting developing the ETUC-A4I project.