The Electronic Platform for Adult Education in Europe (EPALE) is organizing a ‘Migrant Education Week’ from 25 to 29 April 2016 to support the ongoing discussions and debates on the role of adult education in the integration and skills development of migrants.

Participants can contribute to this event by submitting educational or teaching resources, blog posts, opinions, events or news on the topic of migrant education on the EPALE website. EPALE also offers participants the opportunity to join an online discussion wherein experiences, ideas and good practices of migrant education in Europe can be exchanged. Points of interest on the agenda concern:

  • 26 April: Experiences from delivering adult education to different migrant communities in your country
  • 27 April: Challenges and barriers for migrants to access and complete adult education
  • 28 April: Solutions to support learners with a migrant background access and successfully complete adult learning programmes
  • 29 April: A summary of the three previous discussions will be published on the EPALE website.

Interested member organisations can find more information on Migrant Education Week here.