The NUT (England and Wales) responded to the British Government’s All Party Parliamentary Group Inquiry – "Refugees Welcome? Experiences of new refugees in the UK" launched in July 2016.  In its response the NUT called for:

  • Recognition of the key frontline role that primary and secondary schools have in receiving and making refugees welcome in the UK
  • Teachers to have resources, training and support to enable them to personalise the curriculum and their assessment strategies to support the learning of refugee children. Support for teachers in working with refugee children. The NUT has produced relevant guidance which can be found at
  • The Inquiry to recommend that Government properly resource the collection of centralised data, maintenance of up-to-date resources in line with best practice, and sensible planning for refugee children in schools. 
  • The Inquiry  to urge Government to maintain probity and adhere to the Information Privacy Principles in the collection and use of personal information regarding refugee children. 
  • The government to support schools effectively in order that all children, and particularly vulnerable refugee children, feel safe and secure in education,  given recent tensions over immigration in the post-Brexit environment, where a number of schools featured in racist incidents immediately after the referendum.
  • The Inquiry to recommend to Government that vital funding for  refugee education worker and EAL posts be restored to local authorities. Further, delegation of funding to individual schools means only a minority of local authorities and schools continue to fund and implement programmes to support refugee children and employ the necessary EAL and Refugee Support Teachers.  In many areas of the country they have been cut entirely. Services are patchy, lacking in central direction and not connected to latest evidence-informed practice at a time when there are growing numbers of refugee children and other children with increased EAL requirements.