The Beehive programme is promoted by the Melissa foundation, which aims to strengthen bonds between migrant women, promote refugee women empowerment and build bridges with the host society.

With support from Education international, the non-profit organization was able to develop further learning opportunities for young refugee women aged 16-28 with the creation of a film club where students can meet weekly to watch and discuss film and learn how to make their own films. Participants started bringing in some of their favorite videos  and progressed from these cinematic influences to making short films on their cell-phones as homework assignments. More recently, filmmaking equipment was made available to students, with activities inviting them to develop storyboards and start shooting them with video cameras.

According to the project coordinator, students show great interest in experimenting with film-making technology, in particular creating films about their journey. Indeed, the project ultimately helps students find ways to explore their environment with an artistic eye and share thoughts and feelings about their own personal story. 

In the next phase of the project, students from a Greek high school film club will meet Melissa students and collaborate on a joint film project. Melissa students will also develop digital skills around blogging and video editing.