The UN Refugee Agency has created a platform pulling together teaching resources in different european languages in order to support teachers and education personnel that are keen to address refugee-related topics with their students.

The portal collects good practices, games, lesson plans, movies, book suggestions, etc.:

  • Passages - An awareness game putting players through the experience of refugees.
  • Balloon Game - A short and fun game to raise awareness of the problems refugees must juggle with in a new land.
  • Against All Odds - An on-line game putting the player through the experience of fleeing a country and making a dangerous journey to safety.
  • Seeking Safety package - A complete lesson plan by Amnesty International with eight activities explaining basic concepts like refugee, IDP, asylum seeker.
  • Seeking Refuge is a BBC series of short animated films of children telling the story of how they fled their countries and came to the UK.
  • My Dreams for the Future is a downloadable book based around the drawings and stories of Congolese refugee children in Burundi by UNHCR.
  • Life on Hold is an interactive web documentary on refugees in Lebanon by news network Al Jazeera.

To discover more examples of lesson plans, learning activities and awareness-raising Tools, you can visit