SNUipp-FSU, in collaboration with the NGO Solidarité Laïque and the parents’ association FCPE  just released a child-friendly booklet entitled « We’re above all children: stop false myths about migrants and refugees ».

The union used to support the project « Ecole Laïque du chemin des Dunes » providing education and training opportunities to refugees in the Calais Jungle before its dismantlement.

As prejudices about refugees spread across Europe following the so called 2015 « crisis », the union decided to step up its efforts in favour of refugees’ and migrants’ rights.

The objective of this publication is to improve inclusion by informing and sensitising  elementary-aged children and their families concerning real facts and figures about migration, migrants’ - and especially children’s - rights and in particular, their right to education.

The booklet was developed with a team of different partners bringing in different perspectives and expertise. It was tested with children and finalised according to their feedback, to come up with a simple resource, that is easy to understand for them and fit for classroom activities.

So far, 10 000 copies have been printed and distribution is starting to reach out to local structures and partners.

An accompanying leaflet is being developed for parents and teachers willing to deepen their knowledge of the essential concepts, procedures and actors involved in refugees’ and migrants’ integration.

Audiovisual material is also being assembled to present the project to a broader audience online and in training activities directed to grassroots members.